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Summer Supernatural Giveaway!

Hello! I’m doing a giveaway for some of the things I sell on my Etsy, because its summer and I like making things and I love Supernatural.

One winner will be chosen and will receive:

  • 2 Harvelle’s Roadhouse coasters
  • 1 Castiel inspired iron on
  • 1 gummy candy hamburger
  • 3 vials including all of the Winchester essentials (Rock salt, Angel’s Grace, Holy Water)
  • 3 laminated FBI badges for Sam, Dean, and Cas
  • 1 Castiel inspired necklace
  • 1 Winchester’s Bar and Grill matchbox (includes 18 matches)
  • 1 Dean’s Cherry Pie Lip Balm (cherry chapstick)
  • 1 “Let’s Raise Some Hell” greeting card


  • MBF: me! (because this is for my lovely followers)
  • Reblogs Only! (sorry, likes would be too much, but can be used as a bookmark)
  • Must have ask box open and be ready to give an address (I need to know where to send it! haha)
  • Ends July 27th 12 pm PST (I will send an ask to the winner the next day. If you don’t respond by 7:00 pm PST on July 28th I will choose someone else)
  • No giveaway blogs
  • If this post gets to 700 notes, I’ll add a gift certificate to a certain fandomy type website *cough cough* redbubble *cough*
  • Feel free to ask me if you have any questions!